Hello my name is jonas and today I will be reflecting on my year. The things that were helpful were learning the vocabulary so its easier to study and do a test. My blogging kept everyone that’s not in grade 5 updated what we just did. The blogging helped me stay motivated to make more blogs because i got to comment on other people’s blogs. Here are some tips for the next grade 5, Always check the homework board for homework and go to the resource room if haven’t finished something or need a quiet space to learn.

Public speaking reflection

Hi my name is jonas and today I will be reflecting on my public speaking. I will be talking about what I like about my speech, what I could’ve done to improve my speech, what I liked about somebody else’s speech, and advice I could give to somebody else’s speech.


The things I liked about my speech were my outro were I said my brain was friend and I put a sentence that made no sense and said “see I cant even write a proper sentence anymore. My brain is fried and my parents are right, now time to turn the screen off.


I cant really think of anything that would make my speech better but I can think of something that I could’ve done while I was speaking. I could’ve looked up at the audience more and speaked a little louder.


I liked Nathan’s speech because of his conclusion because he said ” I bet you think this public speaking is because of how good it is”


I think this person should’ve practiced more because they didn’t look up at the audience. Therefore they should’ve practiced more








































































































































The midrash is about when Jacob and Laban made a peace agreement.

Jacob got tired of Laban trying to steal all Jacobs money so Jacob ran away. Laban realized and then chased after him. Laban caught up and they signed a peace agreement. I think Laban said he wouldn’t try to steal Jacobs money anymore and wont scam Jacob.


Image result for jacob and laban peace agreement parashat vayetze


I think Geometry is about shapes, measuring, points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. I want to learn how all of those things work. I also think geometry is very important because most of things that are related to math have something to do with geometry.

Israeli Remembrance Day

Israeli Remembrance was fun because I got to learn about the holocaust and I also got to be with my bubby. Because I have a brother, my bubby couldn’t be with both of us at the same time so I had to go with my brother and learn more about the holocaust. The assembly was sad because of all the people that died during the holocaust.

Ribambelle de rubans Robert munsch

pour mon devoir, je lis ribambelle de rubans. l’auteur est Robert Munsch.

Tout le monde est en retard pour le mariage et rien ne va mais Emilie et sa magnifique robe en ruban peuvent réparer presque tout, des lacets du marié, aux cheveux en désordre de la mariée, mais maintenant la robe de Emilie est en désordre, qui va la réparer pour elle.


emilie a arrache tous le rubans de sa robe pour attacher de chausseres, aranger un coiffure, emballer un cadeau de noces et retenir l’anneau du marie ma robe est toute abimee et jr n’ai pas le droit d’entre.


le marie dit q’il pense que nous avons besoin une bouquetiere. alors, ils cueillent un bouquet de fleurs sauvages et emilie entre dans l’eglise en conduisant le cortege. Et malgre sa robe sale et trouee, tout le monde dit qu,emilie est la plus jolie de tous le enfants de la noce.

Innovation day

I have made a Innovation day reflection. Here is my procedure, hypothesis, materials, procedure, and Conclusion.


How can we provide electricity to community outdoor spaces in an energy efficient way that still maintains the safety and “fun” aesthetic of the space?




We think that the maglev train will work because there are real maglev trains in real life. In Japan there is one of the only maglev trains in the world. It is also the fastest maglev train in the world right now. 



We used cardboard, magnetic tape, hot glue, and duct tape.



One of the biggest obstacles for our group was the positioning of the tracks

It took us so long to figure out the right positioning luckily after a lot of trial and error we managed to finally get it right.Another obstacle was the thing that we were building was very hard for everyone to work on it at the same time so we decided that two people would write and one person would build and the person building would switch after a certain amount of time. 



In conclusion I think that our maglev train was really cool and alot of people that came to our station said our project was really cool.