Myth and Legends – create a character and it’s origin story

Once a few tourists named James Jonas and Ron decided to go through a mystical cave… as they went deeper into the cave they found a mossy statue of a head. It had no eyes, there were holes all over the face. So they took it back to their house and it was already nighttime by the time they came back. When they arrived they heard a noise in the basement but the statue was not in their hands… They had to take this further. They went into the basement to see what the noise was, when they went down they saw… A MONSTER!!! They ran and ran until they ran out of breath and realized the monster was the statue. Except the figure had different body parts, they used a lighter as lighting through the terrifying forest. As they went through they spotted the crazy creature. It found them and they tried to swat it away but it wouldn’t go away. 30 mins later it finally went away…


They found their way out of the terrifying forest and made it back to the house with only 15 minutes left until midnight… They thought they were safe but sooner or later they felt like they were being watched… The air was cold with the presence of someone next to them. James Jonas and Ron all went to sleep in their rooms later that night Ron was woken up by a BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAM! The scream came from James’ room. Terrified, Ron went to Jonas and woke him up telling him about what happened. They decide to explore and make their way to James’ room as they enter they find out that James is not there… All they see is a trail of green acid. They went looking for James but all they found was a small trail of that sticky green acid.

They thought there was no point in looking for James because the monster could be waiting for them to come towards it so it can kill them. With no hope left, they went inside and started to watch TV. They looked at the news and found a report about someone named James Bennigans gone by some weird creature scientists say was a statue named kumalala.


This legend is called the Kumalala.

Let’s just say it was not worth taking the statue.


Here is a picture of kumalala as a drawing that we made.

Self Directed Science: volcano

Hello I am Jonas and I will be talking about my self directed science, I worked with @goombahjames and @ethant36.

here is my work on google slides.


Here is goombahjames’s work.

Here is ethant36’s work. Here is a picture of my booklet.

Here is another picture of my booklet.

here is a picture of my volcano.

here is a recording of my explosion.

here is another video of my volcano being exploded .

I think it would be better if we would have been a little bit less silly and getting into less arguments so we could of done this blog post sooner.

Cookie world excavation

Hello, I am Jonasp2. today I learned about rocks and minerals. I did a science experiment on breaking up a cookie into chunks and finding how many rocks are in the earth of the cookie. (the rocks are the chocolate chips). I did 2 types of cookies, a soft cookie and a hard cookie and I found 31 chippys inside of the cookie.


Here are some pictures of me excavating cookie world.

Stop Motion

Hello my name is Jonas today I will be telling you about my stop motion project. When I heard that we were doing a stop motion I was very excited. Here is a picture of the book I did my stop motion project on. Now here is my stop motion project, it is about 45 seconds.

Image result for wild robotNow I am going to show you the things I planned before I started my project.

Indigenous project


In my indigenous project, I think I did really well, and I think I did well because I had capital letters, underlined titles and lots of detail. I can work on remembering how to say the words and putting the pictures in the right spot


Sound blog

Hello my name is Jonas today I am going to be talking about sound, sound has lots of types of versions like vibration. Your voice box makes the sound for your voice to speak your voice box when you push air up from your lungs it moves through your voice box which causes your vocal cords to vibrate and that is how you talk.


Sound travels a lot because of your voice, the pitch is very important when you talk because if it’s a higher pitch no one can hear you and it hurts other people’s ears. If you have too low of a voice no one can hear you. We did an experiment on how sound travels, the materials you need to do it are a tuning fork, a tub of a yogurt container, plastic wrap, scissors, a rubber band, sand, and water that is what you need to do the experiment.


We did an experiment on a kazoo and mine didn’t work, it was sad because other people worked and mine didn’t work for some reason.


Pitch has two types low pitch and high pitch is when you scream and it hurts other people’s ears, with low pitch no one can hear you that is pitch.


Volume is referring to how loud a sound is, volume is made by decibels a whisper is 30 decibels, a normal voice is 60 decibels and a scream is 120 decibels that are volume. here are some pictures and videos






Hi welcome to my blog about light. Let me tell you about the first thing i learned about light, which is natural and artificial light. Natural light is like natural for example the sun and the moon, that is natural light. This is artificial light, for example a light bulb and a flashlight.


Now we are going to talk about luminous and non luminous, luminous is basically something emitting light like the sun, and now we are going to talk about non luminous is the sun emitting light onto the moon so the moon is reflecting that light so the moon gives a little bit of the suns light so you can see at night.


Now i am going to be talking about light, first light travels in a strait line and we did a project on light it is called the ray of light here are some pictures


Now I will tell you about reflection, ok so reflection is when something emits light onto like a mirror and bounces back. Ok now i am going to talk about refraction, refraction is when it is water and it bends.



Now I am going to be talking about transparent translucent and opaque. ok transparent is you can fully see through the object, translucent is when only some light will go through  and finally opaque is when nothing will go through like a concrete wall.


Thank you for listening to this blog post have a good day goodbye.